Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson scores few points against middle-of-the-road cycling

On Friday, the BBC Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson – a person who has come out as a cyclist himself – published a tweet to his 2,759,088 or so followers on Twitter, which caused an almost an immediate response from the BBC presenter Jeremy Vine (storify):

JeremyClarkson tweets about cyclist 2014-01-10 with Jeremy Vine initial response

Shortly after that, people started questioning Jeremy Clarkson about taking photos from a car:

Robert Wright tweets - Do you often take pics while driving

A person who claims to be the person on the bicycle whom Jeremy Clarkson took a picture of, and wanting to remain anonymous, has written about the encounter on a cycling forum (HERE). They said in part,

At the junction I looked behind me and saw Jeremy Clarkson just pulling up behind me with his head and arm out of the window, holding his phone and shouting ‘gotcha’ and looking well smug with himself. He was driving, and there was nobody else in the car. I got off my bike and pushed it back to his car and pointed out that he was overtaking me going in to a hazard, and made me change course. He just kept shouting increduously ‘you were four feet from the kerb, but you were four feet from the kerb, I’m a cyclist and you were four feet from the kerb!’.

In subsequent posts, the person claims to have reported Jeremy Clarkson to the police via an email. Later, that person posted, “From past experience I know that Chelsea police aren’t at all intrested (sic) in a cyclist’s problems.

A couple of other people on Twitter then started, in the best tongue-in-cheek style, questioning people who are driving their car in the middle of roads…

Joe Dunckley tweets - middle of the lane motorists making whatever point Mark Treasure tweets - motorists hogging middle of the lane


Transport for London recently teamed up with Think! to promote safety on the roads; One of their messages was that people on bicycles should cycle in the middle of narrow roads for safety (video):


By coincidence, a new video called RIDE WIDE came out this weekend and it explains – in a humorous way – why a person who chooses to ride a bicycle needs space around them (video):

UPDATE 14/01: Jeremy Vine wrote about this topic in an article for Monday’s Daily Mail – HERE. Somewhat oddly, on twitter he added: “I am unconvinced that the way to make cyclists safer is to stop us sharing the roads with motorists” — perhaps his show needs to pay a visit to The Netherlands?

UPDATE 13/01: The title of the blog article was changed from “Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson rants about cycling” after feedback from @wjohngalloway which I agree with. One or two tweets from Jeremy Clarkson is hardly a “rant“. Fair point.

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