‘Radical overhaul’ coming ‘very soon’ for the UK’s traffic signs legislation

Know your traffic signsThe legislation that governs the layout of signage on the roads of the UK is about to be updated in what has been promised to be a “radical overhaul”.

(see update below)

The Department for Transport (DfT) announced 1 year ago that it was planning to “radically overhaul” the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD) with a view to putting the changes out for consultation in February of this year; and implementing them in March 2015.

Things slipped a bit, but I can say that today I received a letter from the Department of Transport which stated:

The Department will be issuing a consultation document on the new regulations very shortly. This will appear on the DfT website at

I have asked the DfT to clarify when “very shortly” is. My guess is that it will be announced by Robert Goodwill MP at the Cycle City event taking place later this week in Leeds, as he is a scheduled speaker.

So, in the meantime… watch this that space (or pass the time by reading my posting yesterday about Andover’s box-ticking bodge boondoggle).

UPDATE: Consultation Announced

(smug) I was right. Announced 1 May by Robert Goodwill – read about it HERE. The minister also explains the changes in his aptly named “ROADSHOW“.

The consultation runs until 12 June 2014.

Key changes found in the consultation document are (many of which should benefit people who choose to cycle):

  • bigger cycle boxes at traffic lights to make it safer for cyclists at junctions
  • low-level traffic light signals and filters that give cyclists a ‘head start’ on other traffic
  • the roll-out of shared crossings for pedestrians and cyclists which allow those on a bicycle to cross the road safety
  • removing the ‘lead-in’ lanes at advance stop lines, which force cyclists to enter a cycle box alongside the kerb

Update 4th June 2014: Consultation not extended

I asked if the consultation would be extended so that I could get the Neighbourhood Plan team in my town involved but today the government said “no”. The GB Cycle Embassy also asked that the consultation be extended as they felt that “the proposed changes are inadequate and muddled“.

I have noted your request but I can confirm that the Government has announced its intention to bring in to force, by April 2015, the successor regulations to the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 (as amended). The consultation period was set at six weeks in order to meet this programme for delivery. I am afraid we cannot therefore extend the closing date as requested.

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