Pressure mounts for Governments to create space for cycling

Our roads and infrastructure need to be made safer, less scary and more convenient for people who choose to cycle as part of their everyday activities – especially children.

In the UK, Members of Parliament are increasingly taking note of the growing demands for people to have a real choice in how to travel to work, to school, to the shops, over to a friend’s place or just for the joy of cycling!

“We urgently need the government to start taking cycling as a means of transport seriously, and to reallocate space so that it can be done without the conflict.” — Karl McCracken (@KarlOnSea)

The changes benefit all users of the roads, and will have spin-offs on the economy and on society’s health – there’s an obesity epidemic in many countries that costs taxpayers billions in health-related costs.

For far too long, many governments have prioritised and funded the speedy movement of motorised vehicles. At best, this has put people off using a bicycle for normal journeys – say to the shops, to work or school, and over to a friend’s house; but at worst it has created dangerous locations which sometimes cause a tragic death or serious injury.

Now is the time to demand that Governments put a stop to the killing of people who choose to cycle.

Now is the time to demand that Governments create better infrastructure that gives a real choice when we travel.

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Be the squeaky wheel your bicycle doesn’t have!


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