Poem: Super-Highway to Hell


An unelected Conservative life peer in the UK House of Lords was quoted as saying, in part, that people who have chosen to ride a bicycle are “longing for” drivers to run them down because they are filming their ride.

This inspired Bernard Davis to write a poem, reproduced below with his permission.

The poem causes us to reflect upon the several killings recently of people who chose to ride a bicycle, including 3 at Bow roundabout along ‘cycling superhighway’ no.2 in London.

Those 3 deaths in particular caused Donnachadh McCarthy and Steve Icame Isawi to organize the ‘Stop the killing of cyclists‘ protest, vigil and “die-in” on 29 November. Donnachadh stated, “very sadly it was the third death at Bow and meeting up at yet another roadside vigil that provoked Icame Isawi Steve and myself to organise this Mass Cycle Die-In, Bernard.”

(On a related note, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe today had to backtrack on his personal remark that he wouldn’t want to cycle in London because it is too dangerous).

Here is Bernard’s poem…

Lord James of Blackheath is right.

I’m dying to go to London
With a camera on my head
To film my final moments
As a trucker knocks me dead

I’m dying to ride the thin blue line
Super-Highway to Hell
Around the roundabout at Bow
Where three cyclists fell

I’m dying to go to Holborn
Where they shunt us from behind
And grind us in the gutter
And leave us dead or blind

I’m dying to be a victim
That Boris Johnson can blame
I’d hate to run that red light
And live, but live in shame.

— Bernard Davis

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