Monday 2nd September 2013: Ride a bicycle and demand that your MP takes action

UPDATE: About 100 MPs passed the ‘Get Britain Cycling’ motion unanimously as thousands of people on bicycles encircled parliament! Read about it HERE.

On Monday 2nd September 2013 please join a bike ride to demand that your Government creates Space for Cycling in order to stop the killing on our roads. The United Kingdom’s MPs will be debating* the Get Britain Cycling recommendations in the UK Parliament on Monday 2nd September 2013. Sir George Young MP, the ‘bicycling baronet’ and Chief Whip says, “Subject to any statements made on that day  – the first day after the Summer Recess – the debate should begin at 3.30pmUPDATE: sometime after 5:30pm Underway! Finshed!

Let’s make Monday 2nd September the day when people throughout the UK link together to demand that our elected representatives create Space for Cycling. Be sure to write or call your MP to ask them to attend the debate – this is so very important! Then have some fun by joining in on a ride. The motion to be debated by MPs:

that this house supports the recommendations of the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group’s report ‘Get Britain Cycling’; endorses the target of 10 per cent of all journeys being by bike by 2025, and 25 per cent by 2050; and calls on the Government to show strong political leadership, including an annual Cycle Action Plan and sustained funding for cycling’.

The Telegraph wrote of the debate,

In light of recent events in the House, this debate may seem unimportant. But cycling has the potential to solve a handful or our knottiest problems: rising rates of obesity and heart disease that place an increasing strain on the NHS, heavy reliance on fossil fuels, congestion on the roads and public transport infrastructure which groans under the weight of soaring urban populations.And all it requires is a modest spending increase. The real question should not be whether or not MPs will back these recomendations, but why on Earth they wouldn’t.

The Times newspaper wrote of the upcoming debate,

In February last year, 77 MPs from around the UK gathered in Westminster Hall to raise concerns over congested streets and a lack of cycle paths in their constituencies and the need for cyclists to be better trained. They now have the chance to support measures which would address these issues and encourage people to commute by bike instead of car.

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