Hampshire Constabulary inspect 57 vehicles on the M27 – no bull !

Chief Inspector Andy Bottomley of the Hampshire Constabulary.

Chief Inspector Andy Bottomley of the Hampshire Constabulary.

Andy Bottomley, the Police Commander for Roads Policing at Hampshire Constabulary, has revealed today that the Commercial Vehicle Operation group, along with VOSA and HMRC, conducted a vehicle inspection operation on the M27 motorway this past Tuesday (21st January 2014). It was not clear as to near which town along the long route the inspections took place.

Andy tweeted through his @ChiefInspAndy twitter account that there were “a large number of vehicles stopped.”

He stated that there were 33 Heavy Goods Vehicles, 5 cars, 6 Large Goods Vehicles, 7 Trailers and 6 pieces of plant machinery that were stopped – for a total of 57 vehicles.


Unfortunately there were no details given of what offenses were found and on how many of each kind of vehicle.

However, Andy did state that that some vehicles were prohibited from being used; and that there were “a range of other offences found.”

I have asked for further details.

VOSA produced a video in 2011 that goes through some of the inspections that they do…


Last August I queried Andy individually, and later the Hampshire Constabulary through an Freedom of Information request, to reveal the details of similar roadside inspections. Unfortunately, the Hampshire police have repeatedly refused to provide the information; and now an appeal is currently being heard by the Information Commissioner’s Office. A ruling by them is due shortly.

I believe strongly that releasing evidence about vehicle inspections would help all of us to better understand the situation on the roads, and give us a chance to celebrate the good, hard work of the front-line police officers in keeping us safe.


Police BullOn an unrelated note, Andy Bottomley also tweeted this week that a police Sergeant had to figure out what to do about a large bull that was wandering around the roads:

Interesting chat with Sgt @hantspolroads after report of cattle on the motorway and plan of capture

Plan A – climb into back of car and through open car window lasso bull walking on the hard shoulder with tow rope

Problem=No Plan B – what do with angry bull after successful lasso and bull now attached to police car on the hard shoulder #lessonlearned

A lasso’d bulll @HantsPolRoads an usual capture and one that does not feature in performance


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