Demand that #ActionForRoads includes #SpaceForCycling

There have been far too many people killed whilst riding their bicycles on roads in the UK.

In London alone, there have been 3 people killed in the first 3 weeks of July 2013. These killings – under the wheels of heavy goods vehicles – prompted thousands of people to take part in bicycle rides organised by the London Cycling Campaign to remember those who died and demand changes to poor quality road infrastructure. The ride on Tuesday the 16th attracted upwards of 2500 riders (see the LCC report HERE).


Coincidentally, also on that Tuesday, the UK Government released its report titled ‘Action For Roads: A network for the 21st century’ and used the twitter hashtag #ActionForRoads to promote it.

There was very little real action for roads when it came to making roads safer for people on bicycles. Instead of leading on the issue, as the earlier Get Britain Cycling inquiry had demanded, the Government waffled (emphasis added):

“We will continue to encourage highways engineers working for local authorities to think about the needs of cyclists in their designs for new schemes.”


The Highways Agency will need to think strategically about how it can best support non-motorised traffic, to stop the network being a barrier for walkers and cyclists.


It is time for our elected representatives to commit to real action in their #ActionForRoads. That means creating #SpaceForCycling.

What you can do right now: Demand that your MP attend the debate in Parliament on 2nd September 2013; Write him or her a letter, or call his constituency office, to express how you feel and demand action (click here to find your MP). Then, organise a bicycle ride.

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