Cycling across a lovely albeit hilly town to visit family friends

2013-10-12 Cycling Lynch Hill Park to Micheldever (and back) in Whitchurch, HampshireWe were invited this weekend to visit family friends at their new house. We can probably see their place from our back garden once more leaves have fallen.

Here in Whitchurch, Hampshire, there is a valley, in which the lovely River Test weaves its way, between our place and theirs. Even so, that didn’t put us off choosing to cycle there – we have low gears for the slight climbs!

It was just 10 minutes journey and we had the pleasure of waving “hello!” to a few other friends we passed along the way.

We had to coax our young boys just slightly: a promise of a bag of crisps each at the shop over there on the way back. Deal!

For the journey there, we followed the side-roads and then the path up past the skateboard/BMX-track park before following some more side-roads. Hardly encountered a person driving a car – mind, we did spot a few cars abandoned on the pavement along Hillside!

On the way back, we took the route most people in cars would take: the one through the town centre and up London Road. Definitely busier.

Many people were already driving their cars not much more than 20mph even though that scheme – called locally ‘The Whitchurch Minute‘ – hasn’t come into force yet (aside: repeated queries to Hampshire County Councillor Tom Thacker asking when the scheme is to start have not been answered).

I mounted my mini 808 #16 mini HD camera to the top of my bicycle light to capture our ride…

Part 1: Getting there…

Lynch Hill Park to Micheldever Road via side-roads and QEII Field-In-Trust (skateboard park)

Part 2: Heading home…

Micheldever Road to Lynch Hill Park via town centre

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