Consultation response for London’s cycle superhighways



For inclusion in the East-West or South-North cycle superhighway consultation.

On those times when I travel up to Cambridge from my work in Fleet, I need to get from Waterloo station to Kings Cross, and back again later. I choose to cycle, and I see along the way that many others do too.

There are also many who have chosen to cycle from work to home, or to the shops or over to a friend’s place – I chat to some while we are waiting for the lights.

On my way, I see the city without frames or glass. I hear and smell (!) it too. It is a good city; It can be better: The mayor’s proposals to create dedicated space for cycling will, in a short time, make it better.

Better for people’s health, wallets, and their businesses.

Better for my ride across town.

Better for children who are currently driven to school.

Better for disabled and abled people who are currently too scared of mixing with motor vehicles to get some groceries.

Better for the millions getting to work.

And, better for the UK: as the mayor’s plans are seen working by MPs, civil servants, visitors and the media, they will replicate them in their hometowns.

London is home to many international businesses, who likely have experienced first hand the benefits cycling facilities bring.

Such as in New York, where cycle lanes have astonished politicians, business leaders and the media not only with their road danger reduction, but actual increase in smoothing traffic flow because they remove the conflict in the first instance.

Space for cycling: Build it and this will come.

London. It’s time.

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