Pirate_ship.svgShiver me timbers!

(it was international talk like a pirate day earlier this week)

 Avast ye! The EU affairs manager at the Freight Transport Association (FTA), Chris Yarsley, is quoted in issue 1349 of Private Eye magazine as saying in their association’s magazine (emphasis added),

There have been many occasions when I have been the person to inform the Department for Transport in London what is taking place here, and more recently I have been asked by the DfT [Department for Transport] to represent them at various stakeholder meetings due to the cutbacks in London!”

Blimey! Just last month DfT scuttled the ‘Get Britain Cycling’ recommendations, and Heave Ho! the Cabinet Minister for transport Eric Pickles told the Cambridge News (no doubt in his best pirate voice),

if we don’t put our plans together on how people live and how some of the elite think we should live, we are just asking for trouble.

But who is putting the plans together at the Department of Transport? Who is writing the official replies to cycling recommendations?

Has the Old Salt been commandeered by a Man-O-War?

Batten down the hatches!

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